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Benefits and Uses of Private Proxy

Benefits and Uses of Private Proxy

When you hear the term “private proxy”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? According to some researches, private proxy is a well known dedicated IP that is used by one client at a time in order to hide their public IP address that is being assigned by ISP. The main benefit of private proxy is that you have the whole service to yourself that will provide you with fast speeds when surfing the internet. Before you decide to buy private proxy, it is very important that you have a clear and better understanding about the benefits and uses of private proxy and these are as follows:

Uses of Private Proxy

  • Private proxies are considered as efficient service for internet marketing.
  • All private proxies are recognized as high anonymous proxies. Private proxy will allow you to browse securely in private and at the same time protect your online identity. Private proxy works well on FireIP, hulu Etc and YouTube.
  • There are two methods of authorizing private proxies. The first one is the use of IP authentication and the second one is the use of password or username.
  • There are three types of proxy such as socks proxy, shared proxy and private proxy. The providers of private proxy offers dedicated IP addresses that are assigned to a single user.
  • Proxy server is also known as intermediary computer that is between the user’s internet and computer. It can be utilized to log internet usage and at the same time block access to a certain website.
  • Proxy server is associated with part of gateway server that separates enterprise network from outside network. On the other hand, the firewall server protects enterprise network from the outside intrusion.
  • Proxy server is the one that receives request from the internet service and user. If it passed the filtering requirement, proxy service assumed it is a cache server.
  • Proxy server is well-known software running in a computer located between internet resources and remote user.

Benefits of Private Proxy

ü  Highly Anonymous- The private proxy service will completely hide your real geographical location and IP address. In line with this, internet servers will think that you are not using proxies.

ü  Protect yourself with the use of HTTPS protocol- Private proxies support both HTTPS and HTTP protocols.

ü  Select dedicated IP addresses from more than geographic locations in Europe, UK and US.

ü  Acquire non-stop bandwidth for proxy usage.

ü  Request IP refreshment each month especially at the very beginning of billing cycle.

ü  Add 15 IPs to be completely authorized for private proxy server usage.

ü  Experience private proxy control panel that enables simple account management

ü  Remain focused.

The benefits and uses of private proxy that are stated above will serve as your guide and key to know and learn more about the awesome advantages that private proxy has to offer. For more details and information about private proxy, browsing the web can be a great help.